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What is Kavik?

Kavik means Wolverine in Inuit

Kavik Aviation Service, based in Palmer Alaska is an FAA Part 135 certificate holder. We offer on-demand charters for fly-out fishing, hunting, gear drop-offs, eco-tours, bear viewing, remote fuel delivery, etc.  While Alaska’s backcountry is vast, its road system is limited.  We are able to bridge that gap, providing the access you need to safely arrive at your destination. Our services are available year round, operating float, tundra tire and ski equipped aircraft, seasonally, to match a variety of Alaska back country bush flying demands.


Kavik Aviation Services operates with both Cessna 172s, Super cubs (floats, skis and wheels) and a Cessna 206, allowing for a variety of sizes of shipment of goods and number of passengers.

Call or email us for assistance planning your next Alaska back country excursion!

Jamie Hastings
Owner and Chief Pilot

Jamie learned how to fly in the backcountry of Idaho when he was 17. When he was offered a job to fly out in the bush of Alaska for Ryan Air, he made the move north. He spent a year flying the 207 and Casa 212 with Ryan then moved on to fly for PenAir. After 12 years of flying with PenAir he decided to start a flight school, Blue River Aviation, and his charter business Kavik. 

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